Hello! We are Suti - Kolkota

India is the largest producer of Cotton. Even India is also the largest market of cotton garments. Cotton stands first in the choice of fabric for the garments all over the world due to the level of comfort it provides to the skin in all types of weather conditions. For the similar reasons our brand "SUTI". "SUTI" as the name in itself suggests is a brand that is synonym to tradition, comfort and grandeur of our Indianism. It is a depiction of Indian style of attire. We in India have a major portion of year ruled by heat and sweat. In such climatic conditions we search for everything that is cool on our skin and warm for our eyes. Anything that is beauty and grand in itself is "SUTI". It is a comfort wearing in aspect of – fabric material, costing, design, fashion style, grandeur, quality and anything that we may want for return of our hard earned money.

"SUTI" have designs and patterns for every woman-- Indian wear & western dresses, to go for all occasions, suitable for every pocket.

Once "SUTI" -- goes for always "SUTI".